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healtHcare practice

Our healthcare practice represents pharmacies, pharmacists, drug wholesalers, physicians, dentists, and their professional groups in a wide range of business, regulatory, and litigation matters, including:

  1. Litigation: employment disputes, business disputes, writs and appeals, fraud and abuse defense, termination of provider contracts, and malpractice defense.

  2. Regulatory Defense:  Board of Pharmacy, Medical Board, Dental Board, Medicare/Medi-Cal audits and appeals, DEA and FDA inspections, and PBM audit appeals.

  3. Compliance:  Board of Pharmacy and Medical Boards regulations, Stark and Anti-Kickbacks laws (state and federal), HIPAA, Long-Term care, TeleHealth and marketing agreements.

  4. Transactions:  healthcare-business formation (including complex non-profit integrations), provident licensing and certification, business and employment agreement, acquisitions and sales.

Over the years, our firm has developed special relationships with pharmacies (including hospital, compounding, and specialty pharmacies) and pharmacists representing them in every step of their complex profession.  We closely work with pharmacy advocacy groups to build a better and safer profession.  Our attorney are among very few California legal specialists knowing the profession and pharmaceutical industry, such as PBM issues, Medicaid reimbursements, cuts and pharmaceutical purchases.

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