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medicare reform

The firm has spearheaded the effort to form MARC, the Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition, an organization of attorneys, claims administrators, and risk management personnel dedicated to reforming the process of reimbursement of Medicare in personal injury liability cases where Medicare paid for the plaintiff's medical treatment.  Aiming to amend the rules and implementing regulations for Medicare secondary payer reimbursement, we have met with personnel at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in San Francisco, California and Washington D.C. to push for clearer, more efficient rules for reimbursing Medicare.  A widely-distributed white paper authored by KHIP attorneys outlines MARC's objectives and service as a focal point of the organization's efforts.  Our attorneys also co-authored an article that appeared in DRI's (Defense Research Institute's) For the Defense magazine, which discussed methods for liability attorneys to avoid the penalties and pitfalls of the Medicare secondary payer recovery rules.  Further, our attorneys have advised clients and presented seminars on the procedures and notice requirements for Medicare reimbursements in liability cases.

Read our White Paper HERE and our DRI Medicare article HERE.

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