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The firm has and remains privileged to represent most of the largest insurers inn both property/casualty and life/health matters.  However, due to the firm's efficient approach toward rates and billing practices, it also has managed to attract and maintain a significant number of smaller insurers who can rely upon outside counsel to handle litigation and provide continued guidance on critical legal issues in California.

The firm provides consultation and evaluation to insurance companies on a variety of issues in national litigation.  The firm has coordinated litigation and trial work nationwide on behalf of many insurance clients, assisted in regulatory proceedings, and facilitated insurance filings.  The firm regularly consults on current legal developments, anti-fraud activities, and Insurance Department compliance.  Many of the attorneys are recognized nationwide for their expertise in the area of insurance litigation, especially in defense of punitive damage litigation.

As an adjunct to its insurance practice, the firm provides extensive experience in insurance issues arising from the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ("ERISA").  In that regard, the firm specialized in representing insurance carriers and plan administrators in all disputes brought under ERISA.  A list of representative clients can be provided upon request.

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